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We provide dog boarding services that will ensure your pet receives all of the "in home pampering" he or she deserves while you are away. We believe that dogs should receive:
  • Socialization - We feel dogs are more secure and well rounded the more they get the opportunity to socialize with other dogs. Much of their day is set aside for play time.
  • Quiet Spaces - We have separate areas of our home we use for those that are shier or older and want some solitude. We will administer medications and work with dogs who have special needs or handicaps.
  • Attention - Every day, each dog receives personal one on one time. Your pet will receive personal attention throughout the day, and our day doesn't end at 5 pm, they share family time with us in the evenings.
We also offer doggy day care for when you have a busy day, or would just like your dog to have a fun filled, play day.

At Yorkie Acres Bed and Breakfast Your pet will be part of the family

Belle Dickens